This panel of images was created as a submission to the Welsh Photographic Federation for their Associateship Distinction in November 2021.


All the images are of fallen leaves gathered during autumn walks in Penlan Park in Llandeilo, but a stone’s throw from Hengwrt. Initially, the leaves were very wet and dirty, and not nearly as interesting as those finally presented in the panel. After a period of time indoors in a nice warm centrally-heated environment, the leaves were transformed naturally as part of the drying process into very unique and interesting shapes.


Watching the leaves twist and curl into some very bizarre shapes was exciting in itself and, also provided some amusement, as some had become temporary accommodation for some very tiny bugs who had to be re-located. All the leaves were photographed in my home in a controlled setting and, whilst some have received only a moderate amount of post-processing, others have been morphed into something completely different.