Aberglasney Gardens – Images taken some years ago in the wonderful Aberglasney Gardens in Llangathen in Carmarthenshire. I was granted permission to spend many hours in the gardens over a whole year, and a selection of the images can be viewed [here].


Flowers – A selection of my favourite flower images from a variety of locations [here].


Mannequins – This is another subject that fascinates me, and believe me there are some very strange examples out there, some of which you will see [here].


PhotoArt – I might be pushing it to describe some of my images art – but [here] goes.


The Carmarthen Fleamarket – Sadly, since the Covid lockdown, the fleamarket has ceased to operate. This was a fun place to get some strange images, and I hope that it returns very soon. Images can be viewed [here].


Infrared– IR images taken with a converted Sony NEX7 APSC camera body – body was converted to full-spectrum. Images can be viewed [here].


Twirls – Well, we all have to try new techniques from time to time. This is a technique I will certainly return to as it is a lot of fun, and it is possible to create some fascinating colourful images – [here].


The Works Antiques – A while back I was granted permission by the owners, and was let loose in the antique centre, and some of my favourite images can be seen [here].