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  • Aberglasney
    Aberglasney is undoubtedly one of the finest gardens in Wales and a place I spent several months in, photographing the many and varied plants and flowers.

  • The Carmarthen Fleamarket
    Another of my favourite haunts which always seems to provide me with something bizarre to photograph. The event is held regularly on a Sunday at the Carmarthen Showground site on the outskirts of the town.

  • Flowers
    A varied selection of flower images, some taken in the comfort of my home undisturbed by the weather. Some of these images were taken with a selection of cheap vintage lenses such as the Helios 44. One of which has been modified with a reversed front element creating a strange but lovely background.

  • Infrared
    I have recently started to experiment with Infrared photography following the full spectrum conversion of my trusty Sony NEX7. Images have been taken using various filters including the Hoya Orange O(G) and the . Something new and exciting to explore.

  • Mannequins
    Mannequins fascinate me, make great photographic subjects and can be found all over the place displaying both modern and vintage clothing. Apparently during the 1950s, mannequins were used to help show the effects of nuclear weapons on humans. Fortunately none of the mannequins displayed here have been subjected to such harsh treatment!

  • PhotoArt
    I was never any good at art, and my poor art master in secondary school used to despair at my feeble attempts to create anything closely resembling art. These images constitute my humble attempt to produce images of a more artistic nature. Whether I am successful is debatable.

  • Fun Stuff
    Images of a rather odd or bizarre nature, satisfying my interest in all things weird and wonderful. Some of these images were "created" within the comfort of my tabletop studio.

  • The Works Antiques
    The Works Antiques is the largest antique centre in South West Wales, situated in the historic market town of Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire. Thanks to the owners, The Works has provided me with some unique photo opportunities over the years.

  • Twirls
    All of these images were originally very ordinary photographic subjects however, with some processing magic have been transformed into totally different images. The results are always unpredictable, as you never know quite how the image is going to turn out. The images in this section are to me some of the more successful and attractive I have produced.