Martin GJ Smith Photography

[Llandeilo - Carmarthenshire - Wales]

Other Stuff


A selection of images taken with a variety of closeup techniques and macro lenses such as the Lensbaby Velvet 56, and Lensbaby Sweet50 with Macro Attachments.


A selection of images of strange and sometimes beautiful mannequins taken at a variety of locations, such as the Carmarthen Fleamarket and The Works Antiques in Llandeilo.

Polaroid Styled

Polaroid never really went away!
A selection of images given the Polaroid treatment.

Street Art

Considered by many as defacement or vandalism, graffiti and other forms of streetart often provide dramatic photo opportunities. I find it particularly interesting to isolate small areas of the street art to produce vibrant colourful images. Please note that the copyright of these images, remains with those artists who originally created these great examples of street art.

The Unusual

A varied mix of strange things that I have seen on my travels along with some odd but intriguing items picked up at various shops and flea markets.